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If your love was all I had...

OMG. I've been SO busy. Dawn had her surgery today, finally after it being rescheduled so many times. Now she's at home, doped up and me and my mother have the baby while Kaley is at Angelica's. Next week though, Kaley is like moving in for the week. BA and Aiden are here too. School is fun. Humanities is extra fun! I'm enjoying it alot.

Anyway, yeah. I'm here blah blah and I wanna play so I'm gonna clean up my room a bit, tag and then I'll be here!


Yay! I got my cd's FINALLY. The post office just did not want to give them up at all. Thank you Miss Jenna :D!

I made some icons, yay.



Wow. I finally watched the season premiere eps.

I can't wait until next week. HEE. :D

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

So, my Xmas cards, got turned into Happy New Year cards and will be sent out, omg. For some reason me going to the post office is a big hassle, I know, but they will be sent out. I have them all filled out. They're all in the their envelopes, I just have to get there. My bad!

My new years resolution is to quit smoking.

I have the patch on right now. WHEE. It itches. :(

We all took a photo tonight and I totally don't have the camera and that sucks! I will post it tomorrow. It's cute.

Today at lunch I had Christen say peace out, hollerrrrr and she said a little word to your momma. It was cute. She's growing up so fast.

Now, I must go to bed because I have to be at work at 9am. HA.


I hope I'm not too late!!!!

Happy belated birthday to HANNAH!!!!

I hope it was a GREAT DAY! :D






I just saw the preview on the tv for One Tree Hill and O M G, I can NOT wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can it plz be OTH night yet?

And I am officially done with Xmas Shopping!!! FINALLY. Now, I just need to send out cards, sorry for the lateness. :(


Thank you Ashy, darling. <3333



My grades were good. I got my financial aide. I'm all set! LOL. Now, I just have to get books, but I need to figure out a way to get that card thing that deducts it from your financial aide like Amanda had last semester. Hmm.

So, after a week off from EVERYTHING except for three children, I now have to go back to work tonight at 4 and I won't be out of there until probably 11. which is okay b/c after not working a week, I kinda miss it. LOL. And plus, OMG, next paycheck is giong to be so shitty. Sigh.

I moved my room around last night, my computer, my desk, everything and my bed (omg, i thought i almost broke my back, lmao). But, yeah, everything is made up, put away, clothes are put away instead of sitting in a hamper getting wrinkled for days on end. Everything is good!

Fam from the NC is coming in tonight for Xmas and Saturday is BA's birthday. Which, I have to work, but that's okay b/c he just wants to go to a bar and get drunk which isn't really my thing and I'm not really sure anyone elses either.




So, I went to Anglica's and watched the movie 1408.



OMG, today was CRAZY. Christen was a brat ALL DAY LONG. Well, not all day. But, OMG. SERIOUS TANTRUM MODE! We went to Mickey D's and we were leaving. She did NOT want to leave. She locked her body and we couldn't bend her! She was screaming her head off! OMG. I was just like ... I asked God to give me patience last night. That was my prayer before I went to bed and he gave it to me, CAN I GET AN AMEN!? I was patient, didn't snap and eventually, she got in her seat. My mother even told me I handled it nicely.

Now tonight? We were ALL supposed to go to Angelica's to watch the movie (all meaning me and my mother, the kids would be upstairs, playing) and she didn't want to go. She locked her body again, screaming, "I'M A BIG GIRL. I'm TOO BIG FOR A CARSEAT!"


She stayed home, with my mother while I went. I told my mother that I wouldn't go, that I'd stay home and watch her and it was fine, but she insisted, so that's what happened.

GAH. I am so tired.